Cluster description

3R GREEN CLUSTER is an associative structure established at the initiative of several companies, NGOs and institutions with common values and interests, which collaborate in order to provide effective solutions for the transition to the circular economy.

3R GREEN CLUSTER aims to develop technologies, processes, and services as well as new business models resulting from the collaboration of stakeholders interested in the circular economy.

The cluster's main fields of activity include materials of plastics, biodegradable waste, WEEE (electrical, electronic, and household waste), construction waste, textiles, and even waste oil. In this regard, the 3R GREEN CLUSTER aims to develop new technologies, processes, and services as well as business models that will improve the future of the economy and society by finding the best ways of production and consumption, by transforming waste into high-value-added products, increasing competitiveness and, last but not least by modernizing the industry.


We want to become the main promoter and catalyst of the circular economy in Romania, our goal being to maintain added value in products by creating a sustainable economy, as a result of reusing and recycling resources productively.


We want engage in the sustainable socio-economic development and transformation of Romania by supporting the society development through the transition to a circular economy, thus reducing environmental impact and generating sustainable value.


Board of Directors

The 3R GREEN CLUSTER board of directors is the main governing and administrative body of the structure, which is in charge to achieve the objective of the cluster by applying the specific mechanisms of this purpose.

Mădălina Smochină

Cluster President

(Eco Soluții Online S.R.L.)

Mihai Dan Pitic

Cluster Vice President

(Ax Perpetuum Impex S.R.L.)

Florin Zimnicaru

Cluster Vice President

(Zet & Zet Automotive S.R.L.)

Constantin Cristea

Cluster Vice President

(Vrancart Recycling S.R.L.)

Emanuela Crețu

Cluster Vice President

(Electro Irma Top S.R.L.)

Management Team

The management team of the Cluster, represented by Hygia, aim to achieve the objectives of the association, thus working under the Board of Directors. Hygia supports the economic development of the 3R GREEN CLUSTER Association through services dedicated to the same purpose.

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This team supports the strengthening of collaboration within the 3R GREEN CLUSTER and also acts as a provider for innovation, by provinding and directing specialized and customized support services for businesses and R&D, thus facilitating the strategic partnership among cluster members.

Ciprian Morcan

Cluster Manager Representative

Ciprian Morcan is the founder of Hygia and coordinates the executive management team. He has a strategic thinking, oriented towards business development and identifying opportunities, having over 20 years of professional experience as an entrepreneur, manager, consultant and trainer. He was the activity coordinator and mentor in several programs and projects aimed at entrepreneurs. He has a long-term vision and is a pioneer in domestic and international partnerships, developing business collaborations in Europe, North America, Asia and Africa.

Ciprian is CMC certified (Certified Management Consultant), the globally recognized quality standard in more than 45 countries, which certifies that a consultant meets the highest standards of professionalism, ethics and excellence in consulting and management.

Ciprian initiated the Learn Consulting, Do Consulting (LCDC) professional training program in 2014 and has since been participating as a trainer and mentor.


  • Graduate of “Mastering Design Thinking”, Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) / Sloan School of Management, USA;
  • Participant of “Designing a Smart Specialization Strategy” (MOOC), Ecole Polytechnique Federale de Lausanne & BAKBASEL Economic Research & Consultancy in Lausanne, Switzerland;
  • Graduate - "Essence of Cluster Excellence Management", European Foundation for Cluster Excellence, Barcelona, Spain;
  • Graduate of the “Simion Bărnuţiu” Faculty of Law, “Lucian Blaga” University, Sibiu, Romania.

Florina Bârdea

Project Manager

Florina Bârdea is a project manager, project management specialist and coordinator of a team of internal consultants focused on support services dedicated to innovative structures and implementation/project management services. She has been active within Hygia since 2014, and during this period she has been involved in activities such as: the development and implementation of projects with non-reimbursable financing, practice partnerships, support services dedicated to clusters.

Florina has experience in developing projects on different programs: POSCCE, POCU, POC, PNDR, POR, Norwegian Grants, National Programs. She coordinated consulting missions for the planning and drafting of strategic development documents. She is involved in activities dedicated to clusters and she coordinated the auditing process to obtain the GOLD label (the highest recognition of the performance of a cluster, at the European level) for Agro Transilvania Cluster.

Florina is a trainer and mentor in the educational professional training program Learn Consulting, Do Consulting (LCDC), initiated and run by Hygia, being herself a graduate of the program in the 2014 Edition.


  • ANC accredited certificates: “Project Manager”, “Public Procurement Expert”, “Sales Agent” and “Human Resources Manager”;
  • Participant – “Benchmarking Experts of Cluster Management Organizations”, organized by the European Secretariat for Cluster Analysis;
  • Degree - Babeș - Bolyai University, Faculty of European Studies, Cluj Napoca, “International Relations and European Studies” specialization;
  • Master's degree - Faculty of Economic Sciences and Business Management, Babeș - Bolyai University Cluj - Napoca, Specialization: “Project Management and Evaluation”;
  • PhD – “Engineering and Management in Agriculture and Rural Development” - University of Agricultural Sciences and Veterinary Medicine Cluj-Napoca, Faculty of Horticulture, Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

Eric Toth

Information Manager

Eric Toth is a project development and financing expert, but also a sales consultant, working within the Hygia collective since 2018. Eric's experience in the development and implementation of projects with non-reimbursable financing includes challenges of various levels of complexity, successfully completed, developed in associative and partnership structures between companies, universities and institutions. He was involved in consulting missions where he contributed to the realization of feasibility studies and business plans for companies and public institutions.

Eric is a mentor in the educational training program Learn Consulting, Do Consulting (LCDC) initiated and run by Hygia, being in turn a graduate of the 2018 Edition.


  • ANC Accreditations: “Entrepreneurial Skills”, “Project Evaluator”, “Project Manager” and “Human Resources Manager”;
  • Master's degree - Babeș Bolyai University, FSEGA, Cluj Napoca, “Sustainable Regional Development” specialization;
  • Bachelor’s degree – “General Economics”, FSEGA, Babeș Bolyai University, Cluj Napoca.

Ana-Maria Lupu

Manager Assistant

Ana-Maria Lupu has been a consultant in Hygia since 2022 and she works within an internal team specialized in cluster management, development and implementation of projects financed from non-reimbursable funds.

She is a consultant passionate about this field, an organized, ambitious, self-confident person and she is eager to learn new things.

Ana-Maria is a graduate of the educational professional training program Learn Consulting, Do Consulting (LCDC), initiated and run by Hygia, 2022 Edition.


  • Master's degree – Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of European Studies, “European Business and Program Management” specialization;
  • Bachelor's degree - Babeș-Bolyai University, Faculty of European Studies, “International Relations and European Studies” specialization.