EBRD collaboration, Strategy development, working groups, project proposals


EBRD collaboration, Strategy development:

3R GREEN CLUSTER, the first circular economy cluster from Romania, will guide its course for the next 10 years based on an ambitious strategic development plan, whose elaboration process was completed in early 2023.

The preparation of the "Strategic Planning and Development Document 2023-2032" was supported by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development through a grant from the European Union, under the Horizon 2020 program, representing the first successful collaborations undertaken by 3R Green Cluster Association. Financial support has been granted to consolidate the capacity of the innovation of the ecosystem, in order to maximize the synergies between business consultancy from EBRD and businesses activities  support structures, so, by default, to simulate innovation in Romania.

Therefore, this document not only formalizes a significant first step taken by 3R Green Cluster Association in the direction of consolidating the position that the cluster is going to occupy in the field of circular economy in Romania (and not only), but, at the same time, it is the outcome of the members ongoing efforts, who, together with the cluster's representative entity and the management team, have managed to obtain international specialized support for outlining the strategic directions of action to be followed in the coming years.


Working groups, project proposals:

To establish a set of strategic, unified, coherent, and aligned directions with the specificities of cluster members and anchored in international and national policy priorities in the field of circular economy, a range of tools have been applied, including 6 project sheets, through which the vision, mission, values, and objectives of 3R GREEN CLUSTER have been integrated:

  1. CDI PROJECT: Solutions for the collection of biodegradable waste at the source;
    • contact person: Cristea Constantin
  2. EDUCATION AND AWARENESS PROJECT: Educating and raising awareness among the public regarding separate waste collection;
    • contact person: Stere Crețu
  3. CERTIFICATION PROJECT: Support in the certification of products (compost);
    • contact person: Nichita Liliana
  4. DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Smart Collection - WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment);
    • contact person: Mădălina Smochină
  5. R&D AND PRODUCTION PROJECT: Production of medical waste collection containers;
    • contact person: Cristea Constantin
  6. DEVELOPMENT PROJECT: Recycling of bulky waste (especially furniture items).
    • contact person: Mădălina Smochină

Collaborative networks/networking/other collaborations (ECCP, NEB)


3R GREEN CLUSTER was officially invited to the EXCELIVING network:

In November 2022, the 3R GREEN CLUSTER was officially invited into the EXCELIVING network. The facilitation of this international participation is due to the partners from Cluster Mobilier Transilvan and Hygia Consult S.R.L.

The EXCELIVING project focuses on the different value chains of the housing sector from a cross-sector perspective: building materials, furniture and lighting, home automation etc.

Regarding this matter, EXCELIVING promotes a holistic dimension of living environments, focusing on a set of elements that have a direct impact on promoting healthy and sustainable environments.

The project is addressing the challenges of the housing sector, contributing to the promotion of a favorable ecosystem at the European level that creates a competitive advantage through the consolidation of innovation transfer, cluster management excellence, and interregional collaboration. The ultimate goal is to transform the housing sector into a greener, more competitive, and more internationally-oriented.


3R GREEN CLUSTER benefits from the membership status of the Smart Transylvania Association:

Starting from December 2022, 3R GREEN CLUSTER has become a member of the Smart Transylvania Association. 3R GREEN CLUSTER is an observer member for a period of one year. Smart Transylvania Association includes, as founding members, Agro-Food-Ind Napoca Association, Transylvania Creative Industries Cluster Association, Transylvanian Furniture Cluster Association, Transylvania IT Association, Transylvania Energy Cluster Association, and Romanian New Materials Cluster Association.

The 3R Green Cluster is officially part of the international platform ECCP - European Cluster Collaboration Platform:

Starting from July 2023, 3R GREEN CLUSTER is officially a part of the international platform ECCP - European Cluster Collaboration Platform.

The ECCP acts as a platform for industry groups to come together and strengthen the European economy through collaboration. Its mission is to strengthen the competitiveness and sustainability of the European economy and industry, in particular SMEs, by improving their performance in terms of productivity, innovation, internationalisation and resource efficiency.

The ECCP platform offers the cluster the opportunity to gain visibility and recognition at a European level. Allowing access to numerous topics of interest, it is a good source of information.

Additionally, the platform provides access to extensive collaborative networks, enabling the cluster to cooperate with institutions from various fields, companies, and also with other clusters. Through the ECCP platform, the cluster will have the opportunity to showcase its upcoming projects and engage in numerous events of significance, enhancing its competitiveness.

Thus, the ECCP acts as a service facility aiming to provide cluster organisations, cluster partnerships, initiatives, networks, cluster associations and stakeholders supporting resource efficiency with a variety of modern tools.

The cluster profile can be viewed here.

3R GREEN CLUSTER has officially acquired the partner status of the European Commission initiative, NEB - New European Bauhaus:

Starting from September 2023, 3R GREEN CLUSTER is officially part of the initiative New European Bauhaus.

The New European Bauhaus expresses the EU's ambition to create aesthetic, sustainable, and inclusive places, products, and also ways of life. It promotes a new lifestyle where sustainability aligns with style, thus accelerating the green transition in various sectors of our economy, such as construction, furniture, and fashion, as well as in our societies and other areas of our everyday lives. Its aim is to provide all citizens with access to circular and low-carbon goods that support nature regeneration and protect biodiversity. The New European Bauhaus adds a cultural and creative dimension to the European Green Deal, aiming to demonstrate how sustainable innovation delivers tangible and positive experiences in our everyday lives.

Furthermore, the New European Bauhaus is an initiative based on:

  • sustainability - promotes climate goals, circularity, zero pollution, and biodiversity;
  • aesthetics - enhances the quality of experience and style beyond functionality;
  • inclusion - promotes the appreciation of diversity and accessibility.

Thus, 3R GREEN CLUSTER takes on the role of a partner to share with its community the latest events and programs proposed by this initiative, but also to support fostering collaboration by organizing events or introducing new sustainable goals into the curriculum.

More about the NEB initiative can be found here.


3R GREEN CLUSTER is in the process of joining CLUSTERO (Association of Clusters from Romania).